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Candy that does NOT contain palm oil: (ORANGUTAN-FRIENDLY!)

100 Grand, incl fun size Nestle

Airhead extremes Perfetti Van Melle Inc.

Airheads Nerds Perfetti Van Melle Inc.

Animal crackers Stauffers

Animal crackers - Austin Zoo Kellogg

Annabelle's Big Hunk (similar to snickers) Annabelle Candy Co.

Austin toasty crackers w/ P.B. Kellogg

Baby Bottle Pops Topps 

Blow Pops Charms / Tootsie Roll Industries

Body parts gummy candy Frankford Candy Co.

Boston Baked Beans Ferrara

Bottle caps

Boulder Canyon potato chips - various flavors Boulder Canyon

Cadbury - fruit & nut chocolate bars Cadbury Schwepps

Cadbury Carmello Cadbury Schwepps

check closely Candy Corn Great Value - Walmart

Cheetos - reg & baked Frito Lay

Chex Mix - traditional General Mills

Chips Ahoy - mini cookies Nabisco

Chips Ahoy - snack packs (100 calories) Nabisco

Club crackers Kellogg

Corn nuts Kraft

Cracker Jacks Frito Lay

Doritos - reg & baked Frito Lay

Dots Tootsie Roll industries

Double Bubble Tootsie Roll industries

Dove dark choc covered almonds Mars

Dove dark chocolate  Mars

Dove dark chocolate almond Mars

Dove dark chocolate cranberry almond Mars

Dove milk chocolate Mars

Dove milk chocolate - extra creamy Mars

Dove milk chocolate – peanut toffee crunch Mars

Dove milk chocolate blueberry almond Mars

Dum Dum suckers (hard candy) Spangler

Fritos Frito Lay

Fruit by the Foot Better Crocker

Fruit Gushers - Betty Crocker Better Crocker

Fruit Roll Ups - Betty Crocker Better Crocker

Funyuns Frito Lay 

Funky Chocolat

Gardettos - original General Mills

Ghirardelli - caramel & milk chocolate Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli - dark chocolate & white mint Ghirardelli

Nestle Crunch Nestle

Nickelodeon candy mix Frankford Candy Co.

Nilla wafers Nabisco

Now & Laters

Oreo crisps - 100 calorie packs Nabisco

Pixy Stix Wonka

Planter's Go-packs Planter's

Popcorn balls Act II

Push-up Pops Topps 

Raisinettes Nestles

Raisinettes dark choc. Nestles

Red Vines licorice - black Red Vines

Red Vines licorice - original flavor Red Vines

check closely Reeses Peanutbutter Cups Hersheys

Ring Pops Topps 

check closely Ritz Bits PB sandwiches Nabisco

Rold Gold pretzels Frito Lay

Ruffles potato chips - baked Frito Lay

Salted Nutroll Pearsons

Skors Hersheys

Smarties Smarties

varies Snickers - LOOK AT LABEL (varies) Mars

varies Snickers almond bars - LOOK AT LABEL (varies) Mars

Snickers - yellow nougat, mini Mars

Snyder's pretzels Snyder's

Sour Patch Kids Cadbury Adams USA

Special K crackers Kellogg


Ghirardelli - dark chocolate Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli - dark chocolate w/ raspberry Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli - luxe milk chocolate w/ almonds Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli - milk chocolate Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli - vanilla dream Ghirardelli

Gobstoppers Wonka

Goldfish crackers Pepperidge Farm

Graham crackers - honey Honeymaid

Grandma's choc chip cookies Frito Lay

Grandma's fudge choc chip cookies Frito Lay

Grandma's peanut butter cookies Frito Lay

Gummi bears Haribo

Handi-snacks Dunk 'ems Kraft

Hershey Kisses - Choc, melt cntr,caramel, almond Hersheys

Hersheys  Milk Chocolate Bars Hersheys

Hersheys Bliss - dark chocolate Hersheys

Hershey's Bliss - milk choc w/ almonds Hersheys

Hershey's Bliss - milk chocolate Hersheys

Hersheys Nuggets - milk chocolate Hersheys

Hersheys Nuggets - special dark Hersheys

Hersheys Nuggets - special dark w/ almonds Hersheys

Hersheys Special Dark Chocolate Hersheys

check closely Hershey's Symphony milk chocolate Hersheys

Hot Tamalies Just Born Quality Confections

Jawbreakers - Farleys mixed bag

Jelly Beans - gourmet Members Mark

Jolly Rancher Hersheys

Jolly Rancher - chewy Hersheys

Kar's nuts all energy trail mix Kar's nuts

Kar's nuts raisin almond cashew mix Kar's nuts

Keebler crème-filled wafers Kellogg

Keebler toasted crackers Kellogg

Knott's raspberry short bread Knott's

check closely Laffy Taffy ROPES Wonka

check closely Laffy Taffy stretchy tangy Wonka

Lays potato chips - baked Frito Lay

Lifesavers gummies candy

Lindt - Fioretto - cappuccino Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt - Fioretto - caramel Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt - Fioretto - hazelnut Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt - PB & milk chocolate Lindt & Sprungli

Lolly pops - Farleys mixed bag

M&Ms - almond candies Mars

M&Ms - Chocolate Mars/Masterfoods

M&Ms - cool ghouls mix Mars

M&Ms - dark chocolate Mars

M&Ms - mini Mars

M&Ms - w/ Peanuts Mars/Masterfoods

M&Ms - w/ almonds Mars/Masterfoods

Marvel Heroes candy sticks World Confections

Mike & Ikes Just Born Quality Confections

Mint Patties Pearsons 

Starburst - sour gummy bursts Mars

Sugar Babies Tootsie Roll industries

Sun chips - various flavors Frito Lay

Super Bubble bubble gum

Super Ropes American Licorice Company

Swedish Fish Cadbury Adams USA

Sweetarts Wonka

Sweetarts - chewy Wonka

Teddy Grahams Nabisco

Toblerone- regular Toblerone

Tootsie roll midgees Tootsie Roll industries

Tootsie roll pops Tootsie Roll industries

Tootsie Rolls Tootsie Roll industries

Tootsie Rolls - Fruit flavors Tootsie Roll industries

Transformers candy mix Frankford Candy Co.

Twinkies Hostess

Utz Halloween Pretzels Utz

Utz pub mix (like Gardettos) Utz

Werther's caramel & dark chocolate Storck

Werther's caramel & milk chocolate Storck

Werther's original hard candies Storck

York Peppermint Patties Hersheys 

 Candy That Contains Palm Oil- (NOT ORANGUTAN FRIENDLY!)

Mounds Mars 

Nerds Wonka

Nerds Wonka

Candy Name Company 

3 Musketeers Mars

3 Musketeers - mint w/ dark chocolate & mini Mars

Almond Joy -  reg  & snack Hersheys 

Andes - crème de menthe thins Andes

Austin cheese crackers (cheddar sandwiches) Kellogg

Austin cookies & crackers variety pack Kellogg

Baby Ruth Nestle

Baby Ruth crisps Nestle

Biscotti Nonni's

Brach's peanut clusters Farley's & Sather

Butterfinger  reg & fun size Nestle 

Butterfinger Crisps Nestle

Candy corn - Brachs Autumn mix Brach's

Caramels Target Market Pantry

Cheez-its Sunshine

Cheez-its - white cheddar Sunshine

Cherry Mash Chase Candy Co.

Combos (pretzel snacks) Master foods - Mars

Ding Dongs Hostess

Dove chocolate bananas foster Mars

Dove chocolate caramel promises Mars

Dove peanut butter promises Mars

Dum Dum chewy pops Spangler

Famous Amos - choc chip cookies Famous Amos

Farley's chewy candy mix Farley's

Ferrero Rocher chocolates Ferrero

Ghirardelli - PB & milk chocolate squares Ghirardelli

Ginger snaps Stauffers

Heath bars Hersheys

Hershey's Bliss - milk choc w/ meltaway center Hersheys

Hershey's Bliss - white chocolate Hersheys

Hersheys Cookies n Crème Hersheys

Hershey's kisses - candy corn flavored Hersheys

Hershey's kisses - Hugged by white crème Hersheys

Hersheys miniature mix (1 ingredients list/bag) Hersheys

Hersheys Nuggets - extra creamy w/ toffee & almonds Hersheys

Hershey's Symphony -milk choc, almonds & toffee Hersheys

Jolly Rancher fruit chews Hersheys

Kar's nuts sweet & salty mix Kar's nuts

Kazoozles Wonka

Kit Kat Hersheys

Kraft caramels Kraft

Laffy Taffy - chews Wonka

Lindt - dark chocolate w/ smooth filling Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt - milk chocolate w/ smooth filling Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt - white chocolate w/ smooth filling Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt Stracciatella Lindt & Sprungli

Lindt truffles - 60% extra dark Lindt & Sprungli

Lornadoone snack packs (100 calories) Nabisco

M&M bite-sized cookies Mars

M&Ms- peanut butter chocolate candies Mars

Milk Duds Hersheys

Milky Way

Milky Way Midnight mini Mars

Mr. Goodbar Hersheys

Mrs. Freshley's oatmeal crème cookies

Nestle Crunch Crisp Nestle 

Nutter butter - mini Nabisco

Oreos Nabisco

Oreos - mini Nabisco

Pay Day Hersheys

PB kiss candies (orange & black wrappers) Melster

Pretzels - sourdough San Francisco Pretzel Company

Reese's Clusters (like turtles) Hersheys

Reese's  Cremes Hersheys

Reeses PB King size pumpkins Hersheys

Reeses PB pumpkins Hersheys

Reeses Pieces Hersheys

Reese's sticks wafer bars Hersheys

Reese's white chocolate miniatures Hersheys

Reeses Whipps Hersheys

Riesen chewy chocolate caramels Storck

varies Ritz Bits & Ritz crackers - LOOK AT LABEL Nabisco

Ritz Bits cheese sandwich crackers Nabisco

Rolos Hersheys

Saltwater taffy Sweets

Skittles Mars

Skittles - sour Mars

Skittles - wild berry Mars

varies Snickers - LOOK AT LABEL (varies) Mars

varies Snickers almond bars - LOOK AT LABEL (varies) Mars

Starburst Mars

Starburst - tropical Mars

Take 5 Hersheys

Toblerone - 5 varieties pack Kraft Foods Global

Turtles DeMets & Nestle

Twix Mars

Twix - peanutbutter Mars

Twixels Mars

Twizzler Hersheys

Twizzler Nibs Hersheys

Twizzler's cherry bites Hersheys

Whoppers Hersheys

Whoppers - PB flavored Hersheys

Zero candy bars Hersheys  

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