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International Orangutan Day-August 19th- Every Year!
(Formally World Orangutan Day)

Deforestation Education is proudly supporting Internatinal Orangutan Day- August 19th 
For The World To Take Action In Preserving This Amazing Species. 

About International Orangutan Day:
August 19th-Every Year

To recognize the most iconic victim of the palm oil industry, International Orangutan Day has been set as August 19th as a positive way to bring much needed attention and awareness to the crisis facing these beautiful red apes. 

From 1992-2000, the population of the Sumatran orangutan declined by more than 50% and only an estimated 7,000 animals are left in the wild. Its relative, the Bornean orangutan population fell nearly 43 % in the past decade and estimates place their population at about 45,000 animals. Since the last population estimates were done, deforestation rates have continued to climb which means the actual populations could be well below these.

Something has to be done to save the orangutans and that is the reason for Internatinal Orangutan Day!

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About World Orangutan Events:  

World Orangutan Events is a non-partisan initiative to promote orangutan conservation and welfare, as well as inter organization cooperation. 


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