Deforestation Education

 Sad video revealing the truth of Palm Oil... 
Warning, some images in this video are very graphic and disturbing.

Song: Metropolutant

Music by Navicula
Lyrics by Cipta

English Lyrics... 

My head is breaking open here
Emotion is spilling clear
For this distopian fear

The traffic jam is spreading wrong
Round the feet of buildings strong
Just who are they stepping on?!

This Dystopia-a-a, I’ve become (X3)
Can I get out? No you can’t!
From the Metropolutant!!

Floods come like vengeance with the rain
Smoke is now my oxy-gain
Every heartbeat your distain!

Do you see any people care?
Nature is more than aware:
This town will drown without air

No one wants to stand in line
Simply haven’t got the time
Simply haven’t got the time

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